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Our Advantage


By believing that many factors contributed to the success of one company, we are deeply convinced that the following factors will facilitate CM to win out:


-Customer orientation


We never ignore the fact that we cannot survive without our customers. With customer orientation in mind, we expect to function as partner for every partner and obtain their trust, who can become our customer for life. What we care most is our service quality and customer satisfaction. We maximize our own value during the process of constant improvement of service quality to satisfy customer demand and create value for customer. Creating value jointly with customer is our pleasure all long.


-Professional service team


As to each entrustment by customer, we offer practical and efficient full service on the basis of understanding customer demands, caring about each interaction stage with customer and commenting on problems they confronted with and providing solutions to give assistance for customers. From the initial property site selection to decoration and construction (including project management and supervision), office furniture and even relocation assistance, etc. are under the control of professionals; offering high-quality service at reasonable cost, Which not only represents we master more expertise and techniques and in-deep understanding of local market but also collects our most comprehensive and excellent resources.


-Adequate and superior resources


Since the preparation to establishment in 2008, our expertise accumulation in local commercial real estate field, favorable relation with government and familiarity with the regional policies and regulations allow us to establish in depth partnership, frequent communication and close cooperation with our market partners such as developers, real estate party,agencies and research institutions. We aim to offer our customers valuable service to the maximum extent at last by full utilization of our core competence and localized advantage as well as establishment of sustainable cooperation with our market partners.


-Well-founded service concept


By adherence to the concept of individual, full and life-long service, we endeavor to establish long-term partnership with those we served. We persist in producing professional service for each entrustment from any our customers through international standard and local service to give full play to the local advantages. We have proved to be the leaders with crucial market influence in Shanghai and we strive to refine our service. Everything we do is to provide best service for more enterprises.