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Shanghai Chengming Real Estate Consultation Co., Ltd. (CM), established in 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai, is devoted to forge best-in -class brand of professional service organization in Chinese real estate market. From the preparation in 2008 to the present, our served customers cover 29 countries all over the world, including large-scale multinational corporations, international financial institutions, government departments, medium-sized and small enterprises, developers and other major clients. CM facilitates enterprise to create and realize maximum value by providing specialized office building site selection, commercial real estate investment, fixed asset management and other services. We commit to offer our customers efficient and high-quality service in any case exceeding their expectations as the common goal of our team.


We specialize in the fields of intermediary service and agency service of commercial real estate, including rent and transaction of office building as the center of intermediary service and agency service covering developers, proprietors and lessees. As a specialist service provider in the Chinese real estate industry, our longstanding experience, adequate and excellent resources and highly qualified team combined with our good acquaintance with local market and in-depth understanding of international customers allow us to provide practical and complete service for developers, investors, proprietors and tenants wholeheartedly.


We target at the creation and realization of real value for our customers, employees and shareholders in the ever-changing market, upholding the enterprise value as customer service, employee kindness, shareholder loyalty and society dedication.


We are committed to develop into the best professional service organization in Chinese real estate industry and endeavor towards this direction ceaselessly with our development vision as Shanghai basis, China coverage and globe participation.