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Intermediary service of commercial real estate


You may need a brokerage company of commercial real estate office building with understanding of local conditions, no matter your enterprise is planed to relocate an office with larger area or purchase a large office with consideration of reduced long-term office costs in the global expansion plan. We have offered thousands of tenants or purchase user representatives highly effective and cost saving services around the globe successfully so far.


We as strategic consultant for your lease or transaction , we will analyze your business characteristics and rent requirements, determine and evaluate proper candidate site, and manage lease or purchase agreement negotiation through our unique understanding of market opportunities whilst reduce your costs and control risks. As a matter of fact, we serve all rent or purchase demands immediately and professionally.



Service business:


Office lease service / Commercial real estate investment service / Professional consultant and consultation service /Specialized in negotiation of relet, expanded rent, sublet, early termination of contract, etc.


-Office lease service: CM may be your property consultant to provide full lease service including office building leasing, decoration, office furniture, move, etc. which are controlled by professionals and are of superior quality at reasonable price. We have faith in the achievement of accurate location, reduced cost and assured control process to facilitate customers to save time, labor and capital costs to the greatest extent in order to acquire maximum customer value.


-Commercial real estate investment service: CM may serve as investment consultant for individual or enterprise investors to identify the optimum commercial investment opportunities and projects through deliberate consideration and close coordination of specialized market research, real estate market analysis, financial analysis, competition survey and strategies proposals, etc.


-Professional consultant and consultation service: Providing the latest market analysis report regularly; proposing relet or move, purchase or lease suggestions based on the market situation and providing professional pricing and other consultation service for proprietor with renting out needs.


-Specialized in negotiation of relet, expanded rent, sublet, early termination of contract, etc.